With personal engagement, the right intuition for the needs of a future market and the consequent persistence of a high quality standard, apra continually wins the demanding customer’s trust over and over again.

The “know-how” is reserved to the user’s knowledge: apra-norm sets a high value on high-quality innovative products that build the basis for continual growth of the apra-group company.

Quality Management

Essential is a well-functioning quality and environmental management system. This system is verified by a certificate which is awarded to an enterprise that must prove through an audit, that all demands that are required by DIN-standards are met.

One of these demands is, for instance, that all production sequences are documented clearly, transparent and complete. The apra-group has received both a quality and environment management system certificate for all of its outlets.

Energy Audit DIN EN 16247-1

The Energieversorgung Mittelrhein confirmed the performance of an energy audit according to the standard of DIN EN 16247-1 at apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH in Mehren.

Certificate Energieaudit EN 16247 – 1.04.2016

DIN EN ISO 9001  –  DIN EN ISO 14001

DIN EN ISO 9001 is a norm which describes the selection and introduction of a quality management system within a company. DIN ISO 14001 is the environmental norm. It is awarded to a company that maintains and meets all the environmental aspects.

Certificate ISO 9001 apra-norm (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 9001 apra-geraetebau (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 9001 apra-plast (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 9001 annex (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 14001 apra-norm (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 14001 apra-geraetebau (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 14001 apra-plast (DE/EN/FR)

Certificate ISO 14001 annex (DE/EN/FR)


The status “Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)” is issued upon request by the competent customs office to companies involved in foreign trade in the European Union.
In principle, the recognition to the AEO is intended to ensure a secure supply chain; (Manufacturer, exporter, freight forwarder, customs agent, freight carrier, importer) are checked for reliability by the Customs Office as far as possible.

AEO variants
The status “Authorized Economic Participant (AEO)” is awarded in three variants:
AEOC – “Simplification of customs law”: The applicant shall demonstrate his knowledge and his diligence regarding the observance of the customs provisions.
AEOS – “Security”: The company monitors compliance with customs-relevant security factors with regard to logistical and administrative procedures.
AEOC et AEOS – “Simplification of customs law and Security” (so-called combined permit)

Advantages of AEO:
The status of the authorized economic operator can have the following advantages:
– Accelerated authorization procedures for the application for tariff simplifications (for example, approved exporter, approved exporter, approved consignee) for AEOC and AEOS
– Less frequent checks on goods or documents due to a more favorable risk assessment
– As a rule, the AEO is informed in advance about planned control measures
– priority treatment of consignments selected for an examination
– Free choice of the place where the examination is carried out

AEO certificate