Small case

The Xdream small case ensures maximum functionality. Its patented construction offers extra space uncommon to most small cases. The adapter rails can be moved into different positions, which allows standard cards or electronic components with varying widths to be installed. When used with seals and front panels the stylish frame provides maximum protection against exterior influences. The Xdream small case series can be fit or retrofitted with a prop-up and carrying handle.


  • high protection system: up to IP 66
  • all standard-size cards (100, 120, 160, 190 to 233.35 mm) can be installed in one case
  • adapter rails allow you to customize your installation
  • sturdy design
  • adjustable depths
  • stackable
  • integrated mounting grooves
  • functional accessories
  • optional prop-up and carrying handle
  • body painted RAL 7035 (light grey), black frame
  • favourable EMC characteristics

Illustrative animation movie of the small case “Xdream”: