19"-universal plug-in unit

The all-purpose, sturdy plug-in unit with a high stability is suitable for telescoping rails and it is available in multiple dimensions. Variable constructions are possible due to the perforated grind in the side panels. It is available as a standard version or it can be customized to your needs. The product is delivered unmounted.


  • suitable for telescoping rails
  • multiple dimensions
  • can be customized to your needs
  • sturdy construction
  • variable construction due to perforated grind in side panels
  • front panel: aluminium (2.5 mm resp. 4 mm), painted in RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • side panels: sheet steel (1.5 mm), galvanised
  • max. load capacity on the sliding rails 50 kg
  • 19” installation dimensions acc. to IEC 60297-3-100
  • IP 20

Illustrative animation movie of the 19″ universal plug-in unit:

Profile/Dimensions of Universal plug-ins:

Height HE Height H mm X max. mm Y1 mm X min. mm Y2 mm Z mm
2 HE 88 81 5,00 63,0 23,00 2,00
3 HE 132,5 124 5,75 106,1 23,15 2,75
4 HE 177 168,5 5,75 151,1 23,15 2,75
5 HE 221,5 213 5,75 195,6 23,15 2,75
6 HE 266 257,1 5,75 239,4 23,80 2,75


The 19″-universal drawer unit is a universally applicable plug-in system with high stability. This drawer unit is suitable for the use of telescopic and slide rails. A variable development is possible by hole grid in the side walls.
A wide range of accessories is also available. The front panel is made of aluminium 2.5 mm or 4 mm and painted in RAL 7035 (light grey) on the front, the remaining housing parts are made of 1.5 mm thick, pre-galvanised sheet steel.
The modules are delivered unassembled.
Configure your individually designed universal drawer unit. Select the desired plug-in component step by step.